For many families, the VW camper was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
It made holidays affordable and enjoyable.
Millions were sold in Europe and America.
A number of companies offered conversion kits based
on the Kombi model. Two of the best-known were
by the UK firm of Devon and
the German firm of Westfalia.

The fotos below were taken in
the Westfalia firm's own museum.

Below: my father's 1964 Westfalia camper;
that's me sitting on the sill and my brother in the chair.

Below: modern camper kit in a 1963 bus.

Below: foto gallery of other vehicles.

convoy scoop Barndoor radar bus Samba
Halftrack Draisine Kombi panel van SnoMo
ambulance floridaboy freak van fire! doublecab
camper Pullizei
speed T2

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